Vancouver POS Software

Clothing Store POS Software Solution offers 100% touch operated POS

Clothing Store POS

The biggest system challenge for a clothing store is managing all the color and size combinations.Vancouver Retail POS Software for clothing stores makes this easy by integrating robust gridded item management throughout the system.

Our clothing store point of sale software can accommodate up to three dimensions and allow you to copy "template" dimensions from item-to-item. Slice and Dice sales or inventory reporting by a particular dimension for even greater insight. Choose to track at the style level on items for which grid level tracking provides you little value.

Identifying clothing is easy to candidates for additional buy-in and/or markdown with Vancouver POS Solution. Ranger can run the hot/cold report and identify items with longer or shorter weeks of supply than desired. Create markdown lists by using season codes or even sub-season codes. Clothing retailers using Vancouver POS don't stress about setting up specific items when a vendor is putting on a trunk show. Vancouver POS allows them to capture descriptions of items as part of selling a "misc" item. Alternatively, if the vendor can provide a list of their trunk show items in a spreadsheet, you can quickly and easily upload them

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